fungle is a gallery platform for nft related art, conceived 2019 by Kelian Maissen and Johannes Gees.


Kleee02 is an art piece by Kelian Maissen & Johannes Gees. kleee02 was originally conceived for the kleee02 laser platform (read more about it on Medium)

kleee02 is one of the earliest conceptual NFT art pieces on the ethereum blockchain, combining conceptualism and generative art, all wrapped up in the smart contract that was uploaded on April 10, 2019.

How kleee02 Tokens Were Created

360 tokens could be minted. The transaction hash of the original minting was used as a variable in the algorithm that defines how the tokens are visualized. The visualisation is inspired by Swiss artists Paul Klee famous quote: "A line is a dot that went for a walk."

Concept And Execution

Following a strict interpretation, the smart contract is the art piece. In a more collaborative sense, the creation of the token, the execution of the smart contract and the visualizing according to the set of rules described by the smart contract can be seen as the art piece.
In that sense, anybody can do their own visualization, with their preferred media, following the concept described in the smart contract.

Properties of the kleee02 tokens:

Number of tokens (edition): 360 Initial Token Price: current price + current price/75 (defined by the smart contract). The sooner a token was created, the lower the price!

Kleee02 Is Open Source!

kleee02 is open source. Artists, coders, musicians or dancers are free to develop their own version of kleee02, whether it is a projection, an object or a performance.

More details of the kleee02 piece are described in the kleee02 smart contract info variable:

Smart Contract on Etherscan

 and info variable on ipfs
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